Experience the journey of love.

You are one of a kind. You are super intelligent, you know you have gifts and talents and yet, you know you aren't using them. 

You feel a deep, deep pain at the thought of wasting your potential and you feel a great urgency to settle into a career that you love.

Sometimes you have so many great ideas that you don't know which one to work on first! Or maybe you've specialized in many areas but haven't found that one thing yet. 

You know that you want to help people but you also want to make money doing it. 

Sometimes you may feel that you'll never discover what you were meant to do in life and wonder if you'll have to resign yourself to a never-ending parade of jobs that you tolerate, where your skills and talents are over-looked and under-utilized.

How do you put all of the puzzle pieces together? How do you honor your design, find your voice, and make a living doing what you love? You've taken every career assessment under the sun, your bookshelves look like the self-help section of a bookstore yet you're still no closer to a solution.

​First, take a deep breath. You are not here by accident. Imagine that you are given a compass. This compass has your own unique settings and it leads you on a step-by-step journey. On this journey, all of the things that you have loved for a long, long time are revealed, They are those things which you've forgotten about, ignored or were told didn't matter. 

What if someone was able to pull all of those long-hidden clues and puzzle pieces to the surface and they became stepping stones? And what if I told you that all you have to do is follow those stepping stones to your dream job?

It is possible to find work that doesn't feel like work and possible to have a purpose-driven career helping people and be financially successful! It is possible to re-write the story of your life.


And love is the answer

What do I mean by that?

I mean that the journey of love begins by loving yourself enough to honor the way God has wired you. You stop looking to others for approval, you stop chasing jobs based upon factors like money or how cool you will look.

By enlisting the help of a mentor, you can finally connect your calling to your career.

rediscover your unique design

learn how to leverage your unique knowledge and life lessons to help others

find your voice

If you've been longing to find meaning and purpose in the work that you do…

Your next step is to

Schedule a free 30-minute Discovery Session where I will ask you a bunch of questions and immediately get a sense of where you are at and what's standing in your way.  I will outline a plan to get you to where you want to be. 

The rest is up to you.